Fox Valley Ghost Hunters at Farrar School in Iowa
Farrar School Daze Public Investigation Nov 10th 2018 please go to the link below and pay at Farrar website.


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 Fox Valley Ghost Hunters is a professional group of dedicated and caring individuals that was established to help residents of Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan understand paranormal activity in their homes or places of business.

 Our team uses some of the latest technology which can be found on our equipment page. We go into each investigation as skeptics and let the evidence speak for itself. Whenever possible we try to collect evidence that could disprove a haunting.

 We are a non-profit group and NEVER charge for our services, no matter the distance of travel. We caution anyone paying for a group to come into your home. While we will provide our expertise and attempt to help you understand every aspect of what is happening in your home, we can’t guarantee the ability to remove the entity from your home. While we have a few other avenues to point you in the right direction and group of people we work with to help you with the entity, even they can’t guarantee it will go away, but they will try.  New for 2017 we are working closely with a shamanic healer and house cleanser to help the client better.

 Although we are non-profit, we try to set up fundraisers and we do accept donations to help with the cost of equipment, gas, etc.

 If you have a disturbance, no matter how small, in your home or business that you would like us to investigate please contact team_fvgh@yahoo.com or call Craig at 920-428-1108 We look forward to hearing from you!

References are available upon request.
The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters are now insured to better suit your needs.