Berlin,Wi Tannery-Evidence/Evp/Video

 Anyone interested in our one hour flashlight tours or if you think you can spend the night in this haunted tannery please check out our tours and overnight section and come along with us on a hour and 15 min flashlight tour and investigate with our team of professionals.Call 920-428-1108 for Fri and Sat at 9pm and 10:15 pm

 The next set of evps plus what we believe could be a little girl standing in a corner in a pink dress and I tried to recreate this pic and have been unable to do so. Take this for what it is worth in the paranormal field there are many unknown’s and is this a pic of a girl ghost well who know’s. This and evps captured by Fox Cities Paranormal meetup group.
Someone says his name is Jim

The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters would like to share these files a girls getting scared.
scary reaction from tour naughty language
something walks towards tour scares all the girls
Badger State Paranormal caught some good evps as well as video with the Flashlight.

Flashlight video from Badger State Paranormal
Loud bang
stupid creep
mimics ten seconds

Pictures taken by Craig  Team Leader during Overnight investigation with a Neenah Ghost hunting team.
 I sent this pic out to a specialist in the field of paranormal photography. He said the photo is legit and that there are eyes nose and hair as well as facial features as well. He said it was not a photo anomaly and that the car nor post caused the figure to be there. He said that he believes that is a pic of a small child and could find no picture fluctuations in the field of depth and color.
This video was was taken with a phone on a tour at the Berlin Tannery communicating with the ghosts.
Flashlight goes on and off to questions

 A flashlight sequence that the ghosts used to communicate with us.
Real evidence caught at Berlin Tannery
 Please note after I say that something blew in my ear there is a voice that says at 33 seconds “its cold in here” nobody on our team said it. It was captured on the cameras audio as well as something just before that saying “you suck”. Also notice all the meters going off after I capture the little orb of light and everyone gets cold.
Great evidence with K2 and Mel meter reaction one of four captured by fox valley ghost hunters May 5th 2012

 Mel-Meter and K2 go off and everyone gets cold when it drains their energy. Jay and I get really itchy like something is messing with us.
Berlin Tannery Mel-Meter And K2 Hits two of four May 5th 2012

 Something talking to us says box and then sitting and when we look around and see a box we find out that the ghost is sitting there right where he told us. Three of four
Ghosts tell us where they are
You hear something on the ghostbox say best and we determine they want to do their best to get meters to go off.
Ghosts do their best

Picture taken by Kettle Moraine Paranormal a few months ago of a weird light trail.

Picture taken with full spectrum camera a few weeks ago almost the same pic as above but different room and taken by Jeremy 
The best evps taken from the Berlin Tannery the last couple months May-July 2014-2015

A girl says her name is Megan at the end.

Nightly ghost hunt taken on Ghost-Box

Sounds like it says They will come to pick up the papers in a very raspy voice

Something says Hamburger to what I asked to what they wanted to eat

Something says Me when I asked who was going home with them.









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  1. Rose Yahr

    I worked at the Tannery from 1979-1989 and at that time, one of our bosses(and part owner at the time) was named Jim. I don’t know if it has anything to do with what you found, but I found it interesting.

    1. Makayla Pues

      I am a Regular there at the Tannery and we keep hearing a man named Jim. Do you know his last name?

      1. DebKMPI

        We also got the name Jim twice at the Tannery, being as one of us was named Jim and we had asked them to repeat our names we didn’t connect it to someone who had worked there being Jim… add our Jim’s to the list lol

      2. Rose

        His name was Jim Dahl. Pronounced like “doll” He and his brother John(who is also passed away) owned the business when I worked there.

  2. Dustin

    It’s interesting to put a face to the spirit that played hide and seek with me, She seems nice but shy. Even on a aparently slow night the place is worth looking at. I believe there were three ghosts from what I experianced so far, jim, the little girl, and a woman I believe may be a nurse or a care giver.I believe we may have caught the care giver in a picture, deffinitly worth the visit.

    1. ghosthunters

      I would be interested in seeing that picture feel free to send it to

  3. Katrina Kristiansen(Ghost Hunter Katrina)

    My fiancee Jason Swim works with Michelle and he said that you guys are doing a tour this friday of the tannery. can you tell me what an over night entails? as I would like to do an over night(worth my gas money for an over night vs a one hour tour). Let me know, I am always to scared to ghost hunt alone, because if i get hurt or super scared no one is there to help me out.

    1. Anonymous

      To Katrina our tours are done with one of us from the fox valley ghost hunter team for a hour and 15 min but with a half night from 10pm till 4 am 6 hours you would need at least 3 other people min of four people at 25.00 per person or 100.00 a full night from 7pm to 7am you still need 4 people at 40.00 per person. Feel free to call me at 920-267-2338 anytime with more questions

      1. Anonymous

        Also on the half nights and the overnights we are there but do not investigate with you and you have free roam of the building

  4. Adam

    My friends and I have began doing Paranormal Investigations of our own and will be doing the half night (10-4) tomorrow night at the Church in Berlin, WI! We hope to get some good evidence to share!

  5. lk

    the min of people is 4 well ,can we pay for 4 guests but only be two ?

    1. ghosthunters

      You can be two as long as you pay for 4 that is fine call me at 920-267-2338 to make reservation

  6. Nathan A.

    I investigated the tannery with my mother, Nichole on October 30/31 2012 and we managed to capture a few EVPs. One of which we cannot make out what is being said but sounds like a very low, somewhat demonic sounding voice in the carousel room. The other EVP (I believe it was either the car or knocking room) we could make out clear as day. Shortly after starting our session in the room we asked if anyone was there with us and about 2-4 seconds later you can hear “It’s Jim” being whispered to us. We both had a great experience investigating the building and will for sure consider doing it again. Also while we were there, a Miller beer was left for one of the spirits (I can’t think of the name right now) and it did move from its original spot but from what we noticed, no liquid was gone from the can.

  7. Krissy

    Hello? So did you have anything available for 4-6 people this weekend, at the Tannery?

    Thank You,

  8. cathy gonzalez

    hell-o I am getting our group togetter this nov.9 or 10 and was reading about the tannery. Sounds good . We have been to the prison in Ohio and the hospital in Kentucky , to name a few . It would be for the over nighter

    1. ghosthunters

      Sounds good call me when you want to book at 608-575-3379 Craig

  9. Pleasance Robbert

    We have reservations for 3 @ 9 o’clock at the church/school in berlin, but I have a friend who wants to come. Is there room for one more person?

    1. Anonymous

      This Friday night. 10/11/13

  10. Anonymous

    That’s fine bring him

  11. Pleasance Robbert

    Alright I’ll bring her. Thank you.

  12. april

    We were there last night from 1245 til 4 am this,morning. A few things kinda a freaked me out when someone said my husband name twice. We heard footsteps. Also a piece,of metal was,thrown at us. It was awesome alot of communication last night. We also got a couple of videos with orbs in it. Loved the couple of hours being alone. We will definitly be back this time for longer. Was worth the drive and money…

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