The Dvr system with 4 infrared cameras
 Our Dvr system consists of 4 infrared cameras that see in 95 feet of total darkness. It also picks up hot spots and is totally waterproof. The Dvr system is HD and can record for 365 days in a row but will record over the oldest data first. We also have a Vaio monitor so we can watch while we record.

 The Rem-Pod as seen on Ghost Adventures and like the Mel-Meter with Rem does the same thing. Anything that gets near the antenna coming out makes the lights on the device light up based on how close the spirit is like if the green lights up it is not very close but if all 4 lights light up it is pretty much grabbing the thing. Very interesting device.
The Ghostbox/P-sb7
 This is a device that runs am and Fm but has been modified to scan from  200ms to 600 ms so that it scans constant white noise and spirits are said to be able to communicate through the white noise and we have used this device on many investigations with great results. It can also be seen on Ghost Adventures and other paranormal TV shows.

voice recorders
Voice Recorders
 These voice recorders are used on all our investigations as a tool to back up anything that we might hear or even not be able to hear as what would be called an EVP and that stands for electronic voice phenomenon something that can’t be heard to the human ear. Disembodied voices are able to be heard.These are great recorders in the fact that they are digital so no tape hiss. They also record up to 72 hours and playback in stereo on headphones most others do not.

ghost grids
Ghost Grids
 A very interesting device we have used on some of our investigations. This device is called the Ghost Grid and it emits green dots that cover an entire wall or hallway so if something were to cross its path that has mass it would cause a shadow of the thing that crossed the path. They are super bright and can be seen for up to 8 miles. It is a laser and should not be pointed into someone’s eyes.

infrared non contact thermometer
Non-Contact Thermometer
 A tool that is used to detect temps hot or cold and best of all it is non-contact so you don’t have to wait for results or touch it on the item you want the temp. It has a laser that wherever you point it and hit the trigger it will tell you the temp even if you move it from spot to spot. It has a backlight so easy to see in the dark.

Mel-Meters and K2s
Mel-Meter Rem ATDD
 Our most valuable tool for ghost hunting the Mel-Meter with REM and ATDD. This device which can be seen on Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge. It has been designed with a separate function that radiates an EM field around a mini telescopic antenna that extends from the top of the unit. It is believed that spiritual energy can manipulate, distort and influence such an EM field. So when it is activated and something comes in range little-colored lights light up from left to right depending on how close the spirit is. The other features include constant emf/temp meter that you can see and record the high and the low. It also has an alarm for hot and cold detection and goes up or down in octave depending on the degree of temp change. This is one of the new tools that will change the paranormal field of study and yes we have one.

EMF Pump

EMF Pump
 This is an EMF Pump that puts out 400 milligauss. This device has been seen on Ghost Adventures and it is said that using this device can help a ghost appear in full form or even to get more evps in a certain area. We have just started using this device and had some crazy evenings with it. I was touched and had my shirt pulled 12 times in one night and got some great evps. We have never gotten such great results like that before so maybe this device really does work. It is easy to use right from the ghost hunter store and all you have to do is plug it into any outlet, however, please stand clear from it as it emits emf also known to make people dizzy and queasy

K-2 Meter
 The K-2 meter is used to pick anything that has an electronic magnetic frequency or EMF. This device and we have 3 of them light up from green to red depending on how strong the source is or how close it is. One of our K-2 has sound and can be heard while the others just light up and let us know when a ghost is close to us and this device is also good for finding high EMF caused by wires or outlets as well.

Thermal Camera

 The Thermal Camera by Flir is one of the most sought-after pieces of equipment that most ghost hunting teams would like to have and thanks to our friend Greg we have use of one for our investigations. The Flir picks up hot and cold spots and can easily be seen in the room on the video screen. This device has been seen on Taps as well as Ghost Adventures with some great results and our team are hoping to bring you some great pictures with this camera in the future

EDI – Meter
an all in one meter that has temp gauge up top with red lights that light up if the temp fluctuates more then 4 degrees in less then 10 seconds and then in the middle, it has EMF meter with blue lights that get brighter the stronger the signal. The bottom has a meter that detects something walking or creating vibrations.