Farrar Haunted School in Iowa round 2 2013


Coming from over there

Scream in Boys room after Craig sings

Think she is pretty nice

This is me

Where are they and coming from over there

Bless you after Sheila sneezes

The next evps are from the Tours at the Tannery in Berlin, Wi

Enid has a nice home

Good and you -on Ghost Box

 Sit Down

It’s Going

We never want you to leave – off Ghostbox

Summerwind Camping Trip-2013  evps

Dam it I am being bad.

Who is out here voice says Ghosts.

What an Asshole.

Bowling Ball you are unexpected.

The shit they do.

They must really like Craig

Rem Pod goes off


First Ward School in Rapids EVPS

Get Lost



 Touch it

National Railroad Museum in Green Bay,WI

Door dont close all the way -Dwight Eisenhower

Ouch from Dwight Eisenhower

Leave my place


Scream on Orange Caboose

Yes to touching the Rem Pod in Red Caboose

Somebody is coming – taken off the dining car