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  1. Daphne

    just showin some love. Miss you guys. <3

  2. Peter Kalleres

    My Grandfather Nick Karras purchased the property and built a cabin to the NE of Summerwind Mansion. My Mom and her brother John owned it until John left it to my sister and I. As kids, my sister and I loved to walk through the house. It had these beautiful murals of Peacocks on the Walls. The huge stone porch and fireplaces were amazing. It sucked at night because people would party there and break bottles and every single winter people would break into our cabin and steal fishing equip. I think because of how close it was to the Mansion and the Snow Machine traffic up there. My family has some cool pictures of it from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s when it was still standing. I will scan them, where should I email them?

  3. Kay

    Researching Summerwind after a paranormal show, came across the article that mentions possible rebuild for it? Came across the info to late because it looks like you’re group wont be back in that area for sometime. Very interested in more details on that, possible volunteer? I live about 45mins away from it, very interesting place to say the least.. Thxs

  4. Tamara R Gillen

    Hi, my name is Tamara.I have lived in Oshkosh for about 10 years.I have always watched all the paranormal shows on T.V. I would love to go on an investigation with a paranormal group!

  5. Jeff A F

    Thought you might be a local team as I am near Fox Valley area but in Illinois near Naperville. Checking for open group investigations to attend. I am a teammate to . I have attended several different group events and like to check out the variety of styles of investigating.

  6. Anonymous

    Cant wait to see you guys at the New Holstein Library my daughter and me will be there and hopefully be able to go on an open investigation 🙂

  7. Annie

    Saw you at the Ripon Public Library. Really enjoyed the presentation. Do you have any openings left on the Berlin Tannery tour on the 28th? Please let me know .

  8. Michael Mattson

    Our group has been investigating for almost 10 years. We have been at Farrar two times. On your 360 video I video I listened to it and I hooked up the my speaker to my phone that we use for our evps on computer. I swear it it think it says ” come carry it to the desk here” was that in the library? We have an evp that we recently caught that says “get out” in there. We have caught evps of something writing on the Chalkboard inside the classroom across from the stairs. We were not in the room at the time. We heard it on video but had a recorder on top of the lockerthat also caught the sound. We have actually caught someone or something chanting in the gym when we were asleep around 4am. There are two voices and a response to the first chant. We are planning to go back to Farrar. If you are interested we would love to do a group investigation with you.

    • Ronaele Ortega

      Hello my is Ronaele, personally as a child I lived in an extremely haunted house! I know a lot of people will say this and I believe that they believe it. But there is no doubt in my mind that I did in fact live in a demonic house. I won’t get into that situation because this was the past and I no longer live there. Thank God! Anyway, the feeling that I would constantly have there was very very bad and indescribable I lived there for 14 years. My point is that now I am 31 years old and I have lived at my current residence for over ten years. I do not get the same feeling as I did in my childhood home. My oldest daughter on the other hand is completely convinced there is something here. She get so scared to the point of tears and it’s affecting her well being mentally. She is only 12 years old. I have experienced some stranger then normal things here, but noting in comparison to my childhood residents. Maybe children are more susceptible to sprits, enntitys or demons. This I do not know. If you could please email me so we can discuss the matter I would really appreciate it. I’m in Oshkosh, WI. Thanks so much!

  9. dawn moore

    Hi, my name is Dawn Moore and currently live in Oshkosh, WI. I had my first experience at about age 4 or 5 in Waupun, WI when my mother and little brother lived in house next to cemetary by the old prison. We moved to Tucson, Arizona where i would live for the next 20 plus years and had a haunted house with my 2 year old son and then husband which i investigated and found out it was built on Indian burial grounds; this is where i saw my first full apparition of a female in my kitchen, i then knew there was more afterlife than i originally thought! my next more disturbing experience happened when i moved back here 25 years ago. it was about 13 years ago when i rented a house in Blackwolf, WI on the lake by the Jesuit Retreat with my 2 children and myself (then divorced). it was an old farmhouse from early 1900s, as i did research also on this and the property. too much to talk about in an email but remember every detail as if it was yesterday! i had at the time a supervisor who was also a medium which i never knew about until she asked me questions because i was so tired at work as i just moved into this place and could not sleep!! lets just say 2 to 4 am was always very active in my house and scary; this is when i seen 2 more full apparitions. i would love to go on a hunt with you if you would allow. i might even be able to help in some way. i do not and will not do things like ouija boards, etc. i do not want to be jumped or bring anything home with me. i would love to hear from you. my number is 920-573-3341

  10. Anonymous

    Watching you in my brother’s house recently was amazing! Down the road I look forward to hearing your findings.

  11. Sandra Widen-Timm

    Watching your interaction s in my little brother’s house was very interesting! Thank you for allowing my nephew, sister-in-law along with myself being involved.

  12. Rhonda Lamers

    How do we register for Waverley Sanatorium

  13. Anonymous

    Looks like I’m not the only person profoundly interested in a Summerwind/Lamont Mansion rebuild effort. Can you provide any updated info on progress toward rebuilding? I was heartbroken to learn it had burnt down after seeing it highlighted in a few paranormal investigations. It looked to be a beautiful property and not being fearful of the paranormal I used to wish I could have the chance to restore it.

  14. Alice

    Hello, I was just wondering what age you have to be to join this group. Thanks!

  15. Angie


    I am writing to inform you if some supernatural activities on several occasions including a downstairs neighbor that seems psychotic and doors opening and shutting and slamming by themselves. Objects falling at random. Talked to my local Catholic priest and he refuses to come over to bless the house because he said it’s evil. I live in central Wisconsin in a upper duplex with my my family and they have witnessed things as well. We have been trying to move since we moved in here and seems no luck. We have problems sleeping at night. I would like to tell you more if your interested please call me on my cell 715-574-4117

  16. Karen Raschka

    A friend of mine had her home investigated within the last 2 weeks by a group out of Wausau, she didn’t understand why they would not let the homeowners say in the house while the group did the investigation. I was under the impression that the occupants of the haunted house should stay during the investigation. It kind of creeped her out on this.. what is the proper way to handle this.

  17. corrine

    hi my cousin and his girlfriend is seeing stuff like there balloons were popped what do you think it is
    and there drawers were left open when they got home.

    • ghosthunters

      I would give us a call at 920-428-1108 as we offer free investigations

  18. Jim Kolb

    On Cty C in Starks, near Rhinelander WI, the home that Ashley Martinson killed her mom and stepdad in has been recently purchased and is being revamped as an investment property. It came up in casual dinner conversation that other deaths had occurred in the residence dating back at least 20 yrs or so, including a suicide and perhaps another murder. Not a true believer in this but if you were interested it should be easy enough to research and visit. I’d love to know what you find out.

  19. Michael

    Hello my name is Michael. I have been interested in paranormal for past 20 some odd years. While I believe in the paranormal I am also very skeptical. This partially from my time doing security and always looking for plausible explanations first. It also from my studies of the paranormal. I have most haunting can be explained. Now am I telling you all this. Well it’s quite simple I deeply want to join paranormal group and actually get field experience instead of reading books on the subject. Is there any way I might be able to join you guys on investigation from time to time. I feel I can learn a lot from you guys. Any I’ll give you my email address I hope to hear from you.

    • ghosthunters

      Michael we have events throughout the year and we post them on Facebook under Fox Valley Ghost Hunters and the events that we post are public events and that would be a good way to meet us and learn about the paranormal.

  20. Kathy Stebbins

    Hey there!! Was listening to Hillbilly Podcast!! As I was listening to it I recognized the name Summerwind. There was an episode of A Haunting!!! I’m just curios Craig if you happened to see it. I also was excited to here your event at Farrar. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it!! I am from Des Moines and had been there once just this past November. It was awesome. Many experiences that evening.

    • ghosthunters

      I have seen the episode the haunting however most of what is in that episode was enhanced for TV some is true and some is not.

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  24. Shantel

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