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 Please note this is private property and we have permission to be there.

We have seen everything from rocks that we call paranormal rocks being tossed at us from all directions and they were coming from the sky and at us . One of our investigators was even hit on the cheek by one. We have witnessed two of our girls that we had on isolation in the woods get scared from a Raccoon that fell from a tree. The raccoon had help falling from the tree as we heard on audio that something said it pushed it out of the tree. We have seen shadows and one team caught a shadow person moving out of the foundation and up the hill on video. Guests have been poked and pushed and have their hair tugged and seen shadows and things moving around at night. Disembodied voices and growls are the normal things that happen and guests have seen a little girl dancing in the trees near the ruins. Summerwind was built originally as a fishing lodge in 1914 and in 1916 Robert Lamont added on to it to make it a grand mansion and he was Secretary of state under Hoover who rumored to have stayed there as well . Now in 2017 FVGH team is looking to rebuild the mansion back to its original glory since lightning burned it to the ground on fathers day of 1988. The two photos show the ruins and the last one shows it before it burned down.

Villisca Ax Murder House-Villisca,IA
 We took a trip and investigated on July,24th 2011 overnight at the house that dates back to June 10th of 1912. On that horrible night a family returned home along with two of the children’s friends. Little did they know that someone was waiting in the house for them to go to sleep. The intruder whom to this day has never been caught and all but dead now. After they went to bed the intruder came out of his hiding place and murdered 6 kids and the 2 adults with a ax in the night between the hours of midnight and five am. Murdered was Josiah Moore 43, Sarah Moore 39, Herman Moore 11, Katherine Moore 9, Boyd Moore 7, Paul Moore 5, Lena Stillinger 12, Ina Stillinger 8. The crime was so well known in its time that the article on the Titanic sinking was taken off the front page and replaced by the Villisca Murders.

We ventured into a place that was featured by some of the best tv shows like Ghost Adventures. A place so crazy with so much sadness and loss and a place that has know to be haunted all around the globe. We heard some noises as if something was walking around downstairs while we were upstairs. We heard something on the ghostbox say they would never let the children go. We also heard the name Ina and talked to her as well.

One of the things that sent shivers up my spine was while we were in the attic and asked some questions and heard something run possibly it’s fingernails down the wood in the attic almost like fingers on a chalkboard. We will add what we found to our evps and hope you get a chance to visit the place as well.
Farrar IowaFarrar School Possible thing of interest.
Farrar haunted school-Farrar,Iowa 2011 to Present.
 The most intense place we have investigated and we got to spend two whole nights there Nov 4th to the 6th of 2011.   We were only there for a short period investigating the 3rd floor where most is said to happen. We heard a disembodied voice and some noises coming from the stage area. A short while later a group of 3 investigators Vanessa, Jordan and Lori got a hug from what we believe was a little girl in the Library and I will post one of our investigators reaction to the hug as she received it.

This place has 4 floors to investigate and the last night that we were there something took a liking to our room. I was just about to sleep and something banged on my air mattress next to my head. I jumped up and was like what the heck and the whole night something was pulling on our blankets and we could hear noise coming from the gym and our investigators described it as a full basketball game in the gym, yet no one was there. On the investigation was Craig, Jason E, Jason J, Jason B, Kerri, Lori, Jordon, Vanessa, Brandon, MJ, Maggie, Rick, Sheila, Julia

We have been back so many times with so much evidence this is now our best location to go to. We were here again in 2016 and had someone run over the air mattress while we were sleeping on it not to mention making it through an earthquake that happened while were there and even have a video of the walls moving in and out. 

Von Stiehl Winery
Von Stiehl Winery/Production plant-Algoma,WI
 We investigated here for two nights in September of 2012 at what is one of the oldest winery’s in the state of WI. The winery is listed on the federal historic registry and been around since the civil war days. The winery offers tours , wine tastings and many other events as well.

The owners have heard voices and see lights go on and off and hear footsteps and many other things they have witnessed as well. In the production plant across the street that may have been a brothel in the old days, some of the employees have been pushed and hear walking on upper floors and even something that sounded like a old man with a cane walking on the top floor.

Our team heard some loud noises and I the leader of fvgh had a door slam in a room right next to me after I had asked if something I was doing was making it mad. We caught some evps as well and will post them on our page. On the investigation was Jay, Jason, Kerri, Kim,Craig, Don and Daphne.

Edingburgh Manor-Scotch Grove,IA
  The fvgh team investigated here on the 21st and 22nd of June 2013 and were able to capture a figure coming down the hallway on camera. We also heard some other strange noises and captured another ball of light floating in a hallway.

This was an old insane asylum and has been opened to paranormal groups to come in and check it out and that’s what we did. We investigated two whole nights and were able to capture some good evps. The basement of the place is full of black mold anyone going there you will need masks to go down there it is bad and we didn’t do too much investigating in the basement. Some times we would hear footsteps on the floors above. We had a lot of fun and on the investigation was Jason J, Jason E, Craig N, Kerri J, Daphne F, Jeremy O, and guest Greg.
Mansfield Prison-Mansfield,OH
 We investigated here in 2014 and was one our second longest trips but well worth it. We arrived a day early so  we could rest up and be bright eyed to investigate. Mansfield prison is the same prison that Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One was filmed at and also holds the record for most prisoners in a cell block 1500 of them and 4 stories high.

This was an investigation that was hard to do as well because of its size and we even had 15 people.  Early on in the investigation while walking past some cells I had thought I heard something whisper to me but was uncertain.  Sheila and Julia two of our investigators sat in separate cells and  I heard Sheila say that she felt something sit on the bed that she was sitting on right next to her. We also heard some loud bangs and things but it is so big its hard to tell where they were coming from. We caught some great evps and had a great time and hope to return in the future. On the investigation was Craig , Julia, Sheila, Don, Rick, Ray, Jason, Lauralye, Billy, Nyoka, Terry, Rene 
First Ward School-Wisconsin Rapids,WI 2015 to Present.
 Our team got to investigate this very unique school in Wisconsin Rapids early in 2015 and will be back in Oct of 2015 as well thanks to the owner Justin who allows paranormal teams to come in and do investigations. We stayed there two nights and one of the nights we invited the public to come and join us and we will be doing that in Oct as well.

 When we arrived we were greeted by Justin who gave us a full tour and told us of some crazy things he has seen through the years as well as other paranormal teams. After the tour Sheila and Julia went around and took picture in some spots in the basement while we unpacked our gear. We were setting some stuff up when I heard Sheila scream and we ran down to check on them. She explained that she was by the boiler area when she heard a loud knock behind her and looked around to see something moving behind her. I was like wow and so it begins.

 The fist night we heard many things from footsteps to voices and one of our investigators that was in the attic said he saw a ball of light shoot up from the dark and settle back down by a bucket that was up there. Legend has it that a young child was picked on and either hung himself or was hung up there back in the day. We also asked question and got responses back for when I asked if they wanted to play the reply was yes.

 The second night we had a seminar and allowed the public to come in and the pic above on the staircase was all our guests. We also gave the spirits of the little boys a party and there was lots of interaction that night and I believe they liked their balloons and cake and wanted to interact with us. While taking some guests into the basement we were using a REM-POD a device that lights up if something is close. When it went off I asked if something was there and it said Yes and Touch it to another spirit. We had a great time and so did our guests and we will be back in couple months.  On the investigation was  Rick,Julia, Sheila, Jason, Jeremy, Craig, Tammi, 
Prospect Place-Trinway,OH
The team was here June 2015 and this is an underground railroad that help hide the slaves so they could get to freedom. The barn in the back legend has it that there was a slave hunter looking for slaves and they caught him and hung him in the barn. The room upstairs with a cross in it was send to have demonic rituals in there and they painted over the bad stuff and put a cross in its place.

We investigated for two nights here and the first night while in the basement had some shadows pop right up in front of us and some of the investigators had someone grab their shoulder or run a hand over their head. We did some audio sessions to try to get EVP and our founder Craig yelled Marko 5 times and got Polo back 3 of the 5 times he yelled it and once we heard something yell Polo.

The second day we all played some football and waited for night to set in so we could investigate some more. We sat around cooked some food and we set up cameras and got everything going for the night. We were greeted with some footsteps up in the room by the cross and found some really cold spots. We lucked out this time and no girls screamed. Later in the morning when we went to bed something shut off our cameras and we checked the footage but cant explain why they went off. One of the investigators said someone was kicking his mattress and he was too tired to get up and eventually it stopped. We would like to return in the future. On this investigation was Craig, Jason, Rick, Julia, Terry, Maggie, Michelle, Candy.
National Railroad Museum – Green Bay,WI
This was the final investigation for 2015 and was an amazing place to visit . All the old trains like the Dwight D Eisenhower and cabooses that ran off the tracks that almost claimed the life of a conductor. From the very first couple hours we already had activity. We heard someone yell Polo back to me yelling Marko and in the Dwight train there were screams from the distance and someone had moved me out of the isle so they could get through . I felt hand move me aside and then heard footsteps continue on down.

Other investigators were touched and smelled freshly burned wood on some of the cars that had stoves and we captured a male talking to us saying his name was Thomas Boyd and when we cross referenced him found out he used to be with the Australian Railroad what he was doing here I have no clue. It was however the first time we got a full name of someone in a place where he may have belonged. This place is really nice and some of the trains were always there as they just built the place around them. We are headed back one more time to try to talk to Thomas in 2017. watch for more info.
Licking County Jail – Newark, OH
Licking County Jail in Ohio was a very neat place for us to visit in 2016 with lots of history. It sits in kind of a shady neighborhood and while we were taking some breaks to relax outside there were some drug deals and prostitution going on in the alley by us. We minded our own business and focused on the investigation.  The place was very large with many floors but the main activity was supposed to be on the upper floors and the town was nice enough to install huge street lights two weeks before we came all around the building. If we would have known this we likely wouldn’t have came. The inside was lit up like a Christmas Tree it was like investigating during the day and very bright. We had a hard time seeing shadows in the daylight or what seemed like day from the lights outside. If we would have known we may have been able to bring some black paper to cover the windows. It was too late so on with the investigation. 

 We have been to many places over the years and although the building was fascinating it seemed the most disappointing. We were able to capture a few Evp’s when investigating by the jail cells. I got a toy cap gun and was making believe I was the guard telling the prisoners to behave and I shot the gun a couple times with a response back from a ghost saying stop wait a min don’t shoot.   We heard a few footsteps on through the night on some staircases but other then that it was very quiet. If the lights are able to be turned off I would consider coming back but until then its a big no for me.
Millstone – Iola, WI
Meyer Theater – Green Bay, WI