Meet the Team


 Nyoka-Investigator- Historical Research
Named after the adventurous comic book character, and living up to her name with fearless moxie worthy of the brand, Nyoka the Jungle Girl is a member of Fox Valley Ghost Hunters and current keeper of Cole Watch Tower in Omro, Wisconsin.

Nyoka detests labels because she knows that we each define ourselves moment by moment, but at various times she has been called Paralegal, Tax Specialist, and Jester, among other things best left to the imagination. She is currently a Paranormal Investigator, Shamanic Practitioner, Chief Historical Researcher, and Insensitive with Fox Valley Ghost Hunters, headquartered in The Haunted Berlin Tannery in Berlin, Wisconsin.

  Nyoka and her family are owned by, and reside at the unique seven-story landmark, Cole Watch Tower, and have an enormous list of duties and hobbies. Nyoka’s real passion is helping to bring balance and healing to people affected by fear and anxiety after paranormal encounters. Living true to her comic book nature, Nyoka the Jungle Girl has a thrilling life as both teacher and student. She knows where to seek answers, and how you can find your own.


Jeremy -Lead Investigator
 I have always been interested in paranormal even as a young child. I never had any personal experiences of my own but always wondered what else could be out there. I keep an open mind and hope to help people who need answers to their paranormal problems.

 I have been interested in paranormal for as long as I can remember. I remember a time when I was a kid and my mom and I lived in a duplex and had radios turned on and lights come on and one time had some.guy talking through an answering machine when the phone didn’t even ring and when we played it back it was gone.

 When I moved out and was living on my own we lived in a house that had odd things happening like my son wouldn’t sleep in his own room and are dog growled at the ceiling and had my washer dryer doors opened and odd noises going on through the night. When we moved and the new guy moved in and claimed he woke up to someone shaking him and no one was there..Since then I found Craig and thought it be interesting to go on investigations and be apart of the team.

Jason -2nd Lead and Tech
 Ghosts and the paranormal have always been a interest of mine since I was young. I once had a personal experience that kept me asking questions but never getting the answers I needed. I need to know the straight hard facts and it has me still looking for answers to this day.

 When I met up with Craig and the team,I knew it was something i wanted to be a part of. I look forward to finding the answers that I have been searching for all my life. I bring to this group my knowledge and experience of various electronics and hope are investigations can be successful.


 I’m Julia and I am the youngest of the team members. I have been with Fox Valley Ghost Hunters for about a year and a half. It has been one incredible journey.

 I got my interest in the paranormal when I was young. I always got into those classic “ghost” story books, scary movies and ghost hunting shows. In addition to that, I have had plenty of experiences that is enough to make the hair on your back stand up about an inch.

 Aside from working with Fox Valley Ghost Hunters, I currently am a full time student, pursuing a degree in Health Information Management, while working full-time at a local animal shelter. During my free time, I enjoy fishing, camping, traveling, hiking, and biking. I should rephrase that… there isn’t a lot that I don’t enjoy doing. I look forward to continuing working with Fox Valley Ghost Hunter for many years to come. It truly has been a blessing to be a part of this team and to be able to work with such incredible “down-to-earth” people. I guess you could say we are one big family and I’m really glad to be a part of it.

Rick Seefeldt – Investigator
  I’m Rick and I’m 35 years old with with 3 awesome kids . I have been interested in the paranormal since a young age. Studied many parapsychologists , demonologists as well as anything I could get my hands on . Followed works such as Ed and Lorraine Warren , Hans Holzier and other paranormal authors.

My favorite parts of the investigations we do is fact finding the history , debunking some of the claims but all the sudden having that unexplainable moment . Seeing a shadow that makes no sense or hearing a disembodied voice from out of nowhere .

I do like to not only lighten up situations with my humor but I also try to get my answers respectfully of course . I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Rick Seefeldt
Terry- Investigator

My name is Terry, more affectionately known as Bowling Ball by friends and family. I have been a member of Fox Valley Ghost Hunters for about a year and a half. These amazing people are like my second family.

 My primary role has turned into private investigations. I have a military and law enforcement background, so I do not scare very easy and I have an insatiable desire to discover the truth. Not everything that goes bump in the night is paranormal. My background has also enabled me to adapt to any situation I have found myself in so far as I have been to many different environments and dealt with most walks of life.

 I am a very sociable and empathetic person and have managed to put people more at ease before the investigations even started. That is my number one priority as many people who ask for help are too scared to even step through their front door anymore. Some houses are very active and some have logical explanations. I also view spirits as people who have just shed the shell they were carrying around for years. Each and every investigation, house, person and spirit are unique and have to be treated as such.

 What I enjoy most is the camaraderie of the team and the many amazing and wonderful people we meet along the way, some of which have turned into lifelong friends. I have a strong Christian background and love to help living people as well as the spirits who need help.

 A perfect way to describe me was best said by Justin Libigs of Relatively Haunted, “I am not a ghost hunter, I am a soul searcher.
Billy Jack-Wizard
 Not necessarily named after the peace loving but ferocious cult ­film character with whom he shares a name, yet enjoying many of the same traits, Billy Jack is the shapeshifting dark wizard that guards Cole Watch Tower, member of Fox Valley Ghost Hunters, and self appointed Plant Manager of The Haunted Berlin Tannery where they’re headquartered.

 Billy Jack is largely self educated, with keen interests in such esoteric things as electricity, magnetism, carburetors, and quantum physics, and holds a position as Instigator and Inventor with Fox Valley Ghost Hunters. He boasts that he can “fix anything but a broken heart,” and stories circulate that he keeps a Yeti for a pet, though some insist that the two have never been seen in the same place together, hinting at a more ominous truth. He especially likes to spend his tiny scraps of free time starting new projects and re­inventing the wheel.

 Existing in many dimensions and slipping freely between worlds, Billy Jack watches over the bastion (or bastille) of history, Cole Watch Tower in Omro, Wisconsin, and rules his realm with iron fist and silver tongue, in humble service to the Queen. He has vowed to locate and horsewhip the servants that fled, having stolen the moat, and enormous carbon arc searchlight that once graced these fair lands, leaving the other inhabitants thirsty, lacking proper light to read the neighbors’ newspaper or mail, and worst of all, devoid of cleaning staff.