Meet the Team


Craig N – Founder – Case Manager 
 I am from Minocqua, WI and lived in that area for 30 years and lived very close to the Summerwind haunted mansion and that is how I got my start into ghost-hunting as we would see shadows and hear voices and things you could not explain.

 In 2005 I moved to the Fox Valley and around that time the ghost-hunting shows on TV started to pop up all over the place and I decided I wanted to build a team of investigators. Our first investigation was at an old hospital in 2010 and we were in the newspaper the next day as the huge paper the Post Crescent followed us around in the building and wrote a story on us and that was only the beginning.

 Now in 2018 I never thought we would be where we are at today. Some teams don’t like publicity or are in the spotlight so to speak. I am just the opposite I want the attention and want to get our name out there. I have two books  Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Vol 1 & 2 and they can be found on Amazon and many other places as well. I also have a 3rd book that just came out in October of 2018 called Archives of a ghost hunter. This book covers all of our out of state investigations. We also did some U.S.Cellular commercials in 2016 and most have over a million views. We are doing seminars all over at different libraries in Wisconsin and we have been in parades and seen on TV and in newspapers all over the state.  We look forward to a great year with more opportunities including Villisca Ax  Murder House and Waverly Hills Sanitarium. Our motto is No End In Sight. We hope to meet many new faces and hear your ghost stories as well. 

 We have a team that is very caring and helpful towards our clients and our goals are to help the client deal with what is in their homes or business and we will do our best to help clear their house of anything that could be negative. We are a team of individuals of all ages from 23 to 50. Our sole purpose is to give help and direction to our clients when needed. We also investigate already well known haunted spots to learn about what is there and why they are there and to find answers to the afterlife.  Please follow us on Facebook and enjoy all the pictures and voices and stories throughout the years.  I also want to thank all our clients and followers throughout the years and today for without your continued support and enthusiasm we would not exist. Hope to see everyone soon at one of our events. Peace and happy hunting.

Lynsi – Investigator
 Hello, my name is Lynzi. I am beyond blessed, to be able to be apart of the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters. Going back to my childhood, I have experienced many different paranormal events. With a passion for creative expression, and with an empathetic outlook. I’ve become very intuitive with my own spirituality. That alone has inspired me to explore the unknown, and lead me to the realm of the paranormal. Consistently, I have been uncovering many hidden truths. I look forward to many more experiences as an investigator, in the days to come.

Haley – Investigator
 Hello everyone! My name is Haley! Ever since I can remember the unknown has always intrigued me. I grew up so very curious about what else was out there and ever since then I have been trying to learn as much as possible. I have found myself in several situations where paranormal events have taken place and have never been more of a believer than I am now. I am so very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to all the things I will learn!

Lyle – Investigator
 Hey there, my name is Lyle Noss. I’ve always been intrigued in the paranormal. As a child growing up I always thought there were things going on around me but I wasn’t 100% sure. I was first introduced to the team on a scavenger hunt at Berlin Tannery. Ever since then my curiosity has grown. I’m so happy to be apart of the team now. The more I investigate with the team, the more I am learning about the paranormal. I look forward to many years with this amazing team.

Lloyd – Investigator 

I’m 29 married live in Neenah born in Neenah raised in Chilton. hobbies are basically all action sports. Investigating is also a hobby that feel will someday grow into a passion. I got into investigating the paranormal after JFK prep, I  saw some weird stuff. Ever since then I’ve wanted to learn more about the other side I guess you could say. I wanna figure out or understand why there are ghosts or spirits among us. Being on a team helps me devote more time in doing so, and being on this team with awesome people is a major bonus.

Shannon – Investigator
 Hello! I’m Shannon, an investigator with the Fox Valley ghost hunters. My awareness of the paranormal world came early in life, but the actual yearning to learn more didn’t come until years later. My fascination came not only from the paranormal activity itself but from the stories behind each event. Who was this person in life? What happened in that building? Why is this happening? Each investigation is a small glimpse of the past and that connection is indescribable. I am beyond excited to continue learning and experiencing with FVGH.

Jessica – Investigator
Hey guys, My name is Jessica. Born and raised in Merrill, WI. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal since having experiences I couldn’t explain. Becoming an investigator for the fox valley ghost hunters lets me get up and personal with not just the unknown but the history behind each investigation. I’m excited to join the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters team to learn more and grow with the team and to help others with any unwanted guest they may have.