Meet the Team

Craig N – Founder – Case Manager 
 I am from Minocqua ,WI and lived in that area for 30 years and lived very close to the Summerwind haunted mansion and that is how I got my start into ghost-hunting as we would see shadows and hear voices and things you could not explain.

 In 2005 I moved to the Fox Valley and around that time the ghost-hunting shows on TV started to pop up all over the place and I decided I wanted to build a team of investigators. Our first investigation was at an old hospital in 2010 and we were in the news paper the next day as the huge paper the Post Crescent followed us around in the building and wrote a story on us and that was only the beginning.

 Now in 2017 I never thought we would be where we are at today. Some teams don’t like publicity or be in the spotlight so to speak . I am just the opposite I want the attention and want to get our name out there. I have a book called Wisconsin’s Most Haunted and it can be found on Amazon and many other places as well. I am working on a second book for Wisconsin haunts with my Co-Author Enid as well as a book on out of state investigations. We did some U.S.Cellular commercials and most have over a million views. We are doing seminars all over at different libraries in Wisconsin and we have been in parades and seen on TV and in newspapers all over the state.  We look forward to a great year with more opportunities including Villisca Ax  Murder House and Waverly Hills Sanitarium . Our motto is No End In Sight. We hope to meet many new faces and hear your ghost stories as well. 

 We have a team that is very caring and helpful towards our clients and our goals are to help the client deal with what is in their homes or business and we will do our best to help clear their house of anything that could be negative. We are a team of individuals of all ages from 20 to 50 . Our soul purpose is not to run around and see ghosts but to give help and direction to our clients when needed. We also investigate already well known haunted spots to learn about what is there and why they are there and to find answers to the afterlife.  Please follow us on Facebook and enjoy all the pictures and voices and stories throughout the years.  I also want to thank all our clients and followers throughout the years and today for without your continued support and enthusiasm we would not exist. Hope to see everyone soon at one of our event. Peace and happy hunting.
Rick – Investigator – Public Relations 

 I’m Rick and I’m 37 years old with with 3 awesome kids . I have been interested in the paranormal since a young age. Studied many parapsychologists , demonologists as well as anything I could get my hands on . Followed works such as Ed and Lorraine Warren , Hans Holzier and other paranormal authors.

 My favorite parts of the investigations we do is fact finding the history , debunking some of the claims but all the sudden having that unexplained moment . Seeing a shadow that makes no sense or hearing a disembodied voice from out of nowhere .

 I do like to not only lighten up situations with my humor but I also try to get my answers respectfully of course . I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Rick Seefeldt

Jodi  – Investigator
 Hi!! I’m Jodi!! Born and raised in Green Bay. I have three beautiful daughters, four cats and a dog. I have a passion for helping everyone I can. I have been intrigued by the paranormal for as long as i can remember and have always been driven to find the truth. I always do the best I can to give our clients the answers they seek and help any way i can.

Tia – Investigator

 I am engaged with three children and two stepchildren. I wasn’t born in Green Bay, Wisconsin but I’ve lived here most of my life. I am definitely a Packer fan. I will always have a passion for music. I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and I am on a journey to learn more about where we go after we die.

 I have learned that everything in the universe is connected and that everything happens for a reason. While some people may not believe in ghosts or view ghost hunting as a hobby, I am so grateful and blessed to be part of this team to help others and myself find answers to the many mysteries surrounding life and death.

Jennifer – Investigator

 Hello, my name is Jennifer! I am 20 years old and recently joined the team in January 2017, although I previously worked with a paranormal team near Waupaca. I first became interested in the paranormal about 5 years ago when I saw a show on television called Ghost Adventures. I would watch every paranormal series I could find.

 In the recent years I would try to get my friends to investigate abandoned houses and cemeteries with me, but most of my friends were much too scared to accompany me on those investigations. My recent investigations with the team were at Summerwind this past November and the First Ward School House in December. I am extremely excited to be a member of the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters team and able to finally investigate some places I’ve always wanted to go and to assist the team.

Sheila –  Part Time Investigator
 Hey my name is Sheila and I’ve been on the team for quite some time now. I have left the team due to other reasons, but I just had to come back as this is my second family that I can’t bear to be away from.

 I have always been interested in the paranormal and have always wondered what happens beyond life. I’ve had some experiences at a young age and seemed to follow me as I got older. I am looking forward to new experiences and adventures that come my way!

Julia – Part Time Investigator Bio coming soon

Jason – Investigator – Bio coming soon