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Bloopers Buzzer goes off Jordan Boone Jason Lori and Craig


May 6th – Farrar Haunted school
May 7th – Edinburgh Manor – Scotchgrove Iowa
June 5th Waverly Hills Sanitarium- Louisville KY
June 24th – Summerwind
July 28th – 30th Farrar Guest event.
July 22nd – Summerwind
Aug 19th – Summerwind



News-What’s New

We are going on some very interesting investigations at some very haunted locations in 2017 and have a great team of investigators to help our clients find out what is haunting them. We are always looking for new places to investigate so feel free to give us a call and we will try to help. We are also looking for a new building to investigate in the near future that we might be able to do tour at.

We offer Free Investigations to anyone needing our help or just looking to see what is in their house or business.