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  1. Amanda Duenes

    Hello I have a group of 5 people that would like to join you guys for a paranormal experience at the the Greenville station around Halloween my for my birthday. We could also do the 22nd or 23rd. Please text me back or call 9206643507 my name is Amanda thanks

  2. Bill D

    Me and my wife have done some personal investigating around the Oshkosh Area and have come up with some results but we would like an opportunity to experience it one night with a team
    Would you be willing to let us tag along for one investigation I guess is our question

  3. Diane

    Will there be another overnight camping event at Summerwind Mansion in 2017 ? thank you, Diane

  4. jenny tanck

    me and my son went to the cottage in plover wi. and i have on my recorder a ghost saying hello. ghost hunting is my pasion

  5. Michael Miller

    My wife and I live in Sparta Wi. My wife has a lifetime interest on Summerwind. This summer we are planning to visit land o lakes. We know its private property and we never trespass on any of our trips. I noticed that you team will be at Summerwind the same time ad us. Is it possible to join you? We are respectful and just want to look around. Nothing else. Please let me know.

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