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We are back to do some crazy tours in the Greenville Station in Greenville,Wisconsin. This place has some very intense activity from women on our team getting punched and their hair pulled by something that resides in the basement. They were so scared they almost ran our founder over on the stairs. This was formerly many things and one of the things was a funeral parlor and the room they did the cremation in is still there and if that don’t give you the creeps I am not sure what will. Feel free to sit in this room alone or with your friends and hear voices and see shadows and get touched by stuff you can’t see. This tour is not for the faint either as one girl while walking though with a tour was pushed in the kitchen and she was in the middle of us. Waitstaff that worked here when it was a restaurant would hesitate to go into the basement as something always had it in for them. They would run downstairs and back up as fast as they could. Two of the waitstaff were tormented one was slapped in the face and has his glasses knocked off his face while the other hung out with us one night in the basement only to say Hell no I am done and she ran up the stairs because someone yanked her hair. Teams from all over came and captured evidence and posted in in videos to share on You-tube. Guests on the tour heard a voice in the women’s bathroom and later would hear what it said as a ghostly female voice said WATCH THE CHILDREN. The basement has many different hallways cut into the stone as well as a room some would think that people were buried there as it’s a dirt floor and something seems just not right. This place has lots of history from being a fire station , car dealer, dispatch station, bar and funeral parlor and lots more. Wait lets not forget the hidden staircase that goes nowhere and where something knocked from the other side one night. Loud crashes and dragging noises are common occurrences. So come take a tour on these dates in Oct 7th 14th ,21st 28th ,29th and 31st of October cost is 20.00 a person for hour and half tour . No drugs or liquor on the premises anyone believed to be intoxicated will be asked to leave and must be 15 and older all that are under 18 must be with a legal guardian. You must pre-pay at home page and click the donate button. Call or text 920-428-1108 to confirm and if you have any further questions.


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  1. Bill D

    Me and my wife have done some personal investigating around the Oshkosh Area and have come up with some results but we would like an opportunity to experience it one night with a team
    Would you be willing to let us tag along for one investigation I guess is our question

  2. Diane

    Will there be another overnight camping event at Summerwind Mansion in 2017 ? thank you, Diane

  3. jenny tanck

    me and my son went to the cottage in plover wi. and i have on my recorder a ghost saying hello. ghost hunting is my pasion

  4. Michael Miller

    My wife and I live in Sparta Wi. My wife has a lifetime interest on Summerwind. This summer we are planning to visit land o lakes. We know its private property and we never trespass on any of our trips. I noticed that you team will be at Summerwind the same time ad us. Is it possible to join you? We are respectful and just want to look around. Nothing else. Please let me know.

  5. brad

    me and some friends did a overnight a few years back at the tannery and we were told there was a church near there also and was wondering if that was still an option we would like to do another investigation somtime in september or october thanks

    1. ghosthunters

      The church in Berlin is owned by a private party that lives there so no investigations anymore. We still do tours at the Berlin Tannery and Greenville Station so call us at 920-428-1108 to reserve.

  6. Anonymous

    Where is the information for the Greenville station tours for people that don’t have Facebook?

    1. ghosthunters

      Adding that to this today but if you want information for Greenville Station just call us at 920-428-1108

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