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Leopolis tours and overnights pay on the PayPal below the Tannery tours
Cost for the hour and a half tours are 20.00 a person
Cost for the overnights is $50.00 a person min of 5 guests or 250.00. You can have less than 5 guests but the same amount of 250.00 is required. Over 5 guests the cost is 50.00 each extra person. For groups and teams, we must have a non-refundable deposit of 125.00 or half of how many guests will be there. 
Any specials that we have can also be paid by the PayPal button below.
Rules are no drugs or alcohol on the premises. Ages 14 and up, however, anyone under 18 must be with a legal guardian. No Seances or Oujia Boards. No weird blood rituals or cult stuff. All individuals will sign a waiver. To book call or text 920-428-1108. Most days or weekends will be available on first come and down payment to hold your date.Overnights will consist of 7 pm to morning and we will allow you to get some sleep before your drive back if you are coming from a distance away. Must bring own bedding including cots or air mattress. Electricity and bathrooms are available.

Berlin Tannery Scavenger hunts and ghost tour May 5th and  May 12th.
Pay Pal button put the amount in for what you are doing.Cost is as follows

Scavenger Hunt and Ghost Tour – $ 60.00
Scavenger Hunt Only – $ 35.00
Ghost Hunt Only – $ 40.00
Please text us or call us at 920-428-1108 to let us know what date you want or put it in the information on pay pal


Farrar Haunted School in Maxwell Iowa. Public event for guests June 15th – 17th. and choose from one night or two nights. Sleep in this haunted school with the ghosts of the children. More information can be found on Facebook on our events. Cost for Friday only is $ 60.00 a person and VIP two nights Friday to Sunday is $ 140,00 a person. Pay for this event at this link



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  1. Bill D

    Me and my wife have done some personal investigating around the Oshkosh Area and have come up with some results but we would like an opportunity to experience it one night with a team
    Would you be willing to let us tag along for one investigation I guess is our question

  2. Diane

    Will there be another overnight camping event at Summerwind Mansion in 2017 ? thank you, Diane

  3. jenny tanck

    me and my son went to the cottage in plover wi. and i have on my recorder a ghost saying hello. ghost hunting is my pasion

  4. Michael Miller

    My wife and I live in Sparta Wi. My wife has a lifetime interest on Summerwind. This summer we are planning to visit land o lakes. We know its private property and we never trespass on any of our trips. I noticed that you team will be at Summerwind the same time ad us. Is it possible to join you? We are respectful and just want to look around. Nothing else. Please let me know.

    1. Stephanie

      I habe family in land o lakes. Isn’t there a story about a light near the railroad tracks or something? It’s been a very very long time since I was up there and we did go and check it out since it was a local tourist attraction but I’m not sure I’m remembering the correct area?

      1. ghosthunters

        It was in the town of Paulding called the Paulding light we have done some debunking on the spook light and you can find that under Youtube Paulding light.

  5. brad

    me and some friends did a overnight a few years back at the tannery and we were told there was a church near there also and was wondering if that was still an option we would like to do another investigation somtime in september or october thanks

    1. ghosthunters

      The church in Berlin is owned by a private party that lives there so no investigations anymore. We still do tours at the Berlin Tannery and Greenville Station so call us at 920-428-1108 to reserve.

  6. Anonymous

    Where is the information for the Greenville station tours for people that don’t have Facebook?

    1. ghosthunters

      Adding that to this today but if you want information for Greenville Station just call us at 920-428-1108

  7. Stephanie

    I’m really interested in what you are doing here! I’ve had some odd and unexplainable things happen to me throughout my life. One includes an old house that I have seen a fan floating, watched with 2 friends from outside (nobody in the house) as upstairs lights flicked on and off. Footsteps upstairs when nobody was there and even a friend had a nightmare and was sleepwalking (its much more than that but dont want to just put up my whole story! Lol)I’m wondering if you have any events open to the public coming up or would be willing to allow myself, or my boyfriend and I to check some places out with you. We’ve had some odd things happen in our current house also, and he’s had some past experiences.
    Things going missing for hours and suddenly showing up in a very obvious spot we had looked at before. Items just showing up hanging on our wall. Flickering lights and just odd noises in general. My boyfriend has gotten odd feelings and fearful for no reason other than something just feeling strange. We have burned sage and Palo Santo (spelling?) In the house often and have had issues in certain areas of the house where the sage didn’t want to stay lit. Even when holding a lighter to it it would go out in seconds and we would feel a cold chill etc etc the stories go on and on. I would love to have an experience with checking a place out with the proper equipment and experienced people. I tend to be skeptical going into a location, but with all the experiences I’ve had in my life (including a few photographs and negatives with unexplainable things in them, though I only have a single one still.) I am not really skeptical of the existence of the paranormal itself, just that it’s not always something paranormal and you need to be skeptical of new areas. So if you are looking for more part time people to be on the team or if we could possibly join you on some of your investigations since as a couple with no actual experience and equipment it’s difficult to find people that will give you permission to enter a place, and I will not so so illegally or without permission. I’m sure you get a lot more requests like this around this time of year with Halloween and all, but it’s something I have been looking to do for a long time. If you would like to contact me via email, I can tell you about more of my personal experiences, and what i have done about it, (research the background of the house which I love doing, photographs, recording etc, though I don’t have any specialized equipment) as well as a few of the locations of some of the things I’ve talked about were. Thanks so much!

    1. ghosthunters

      Stephanie we have quite a few events throughout the year to allow the public to join us. Just follow us on Facebook and you will see our events on there listed that you can come too.

  8. Gretchen Koehler-Swaney

    Hello, I’m a person who has been intrigued by ghost hunts for many years and would like to participate in them. I’ve also been able to predict some future events and would like to see if there is any merit to them. Like dejavu but then know what’s going to happen next. I hope you have someone on your staff with some insight there.

    Thank you,

    1. ghosthunters

      We dont have anyone on our team that sees future events like a medium but we work with people that help people with these gifts so if you wanted to see what type of gift you have I am sure they could give you advice or guide you. We post public event on Facebook for our followers to come along on so keep watch.

  9. Michael

    How do you purchase scavenger hunt / ghost hunt at Berlin Tannery March 24???

    1. ghosthunters

      Michael its easy go to our home page on this website and there is a donate button click the donate button and pay for however many spots you want.

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