This is a video of a actual orb of light that we caught in Farrar,IA at an old school.

The next videos are from The Berlin Tannery all caught on the same night 3/3/12 These are great videos.

The next video is from the tannery in Berlin on a flashlight sequence so check it out.

This next video was taken at Ashmore Estates and is not to be taken seriously as it was a parody very funny watch it.


  1. robert veach

    Hello Craig,Rob Veach from was listening on ITF with Shannon. Nice job. Your voice was very clear, were you using a USB mike? or Skype? Nice scary interesting stories you told.

    1. ghosthunters

      Hey there Robert I was using a USB mike one called Hamilton Beach made for gaming on the PS3 OR 4 and so on.

  2. Chris menor

    You people are a bunch of idiots from the videos you’re posting. I was going to ask for help but this is just a joke. I have more daming evidence on my cell phone in one night than you people have out jerking around.. This shit you’re doing is the reason the spirits are pissed off. Good luck with your little games..

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