This is a video of an actual orb of light that we caught in Farrar,IA at an old school.

The next video is from the tannery in Berlin on a flashlight sequence so check it out.

This next video was taken at Ashmore Estates and is not to be taken seriously as it was a parody very funny watch it.

The next videos are from The Berlin Tannery all caught on the same night 3/3/12 These are great videos.


  1. robert veach

    Hello Craig,Rob Veach from was listening on ITF with Shannon. Nice job. Your voice was very clear, were you using a USB mike? or Skype? Nice scary interesting stories you told.

    • ghosthunters

      Hey there Robert I was using a USB mike one called Hamilton Beach made for gaming on the PS3 OR 4 and so on.


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