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White Sage large stick about 8 or 9 inches $12.00 each.

White Sage small stick about 5 inches $.00 each size in add to cart


White sage, bee sage, or sacred sage) is an evergreen perennial shrub that is native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, found mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California and Baja California, on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts – Used in the cleansing of homes and business.  

White Sage small 5 inches


Wisconsin’s Most Haunted

Autographed 2016 by Craig Nehring -$17.00 

Wisconsin Most Haunted Vol 2

NEW BOOK Jan 8th, 2018 – $ 17.00 Autographed


NEW BOOK Sep 2018 $ 17.00  Autographed


Imitation Eagle Feathers- $7.00

These smudging feathers are an imitation of the real eagle feather 10-12″ in length. A great way to fan the smudge stick or use this feather to write with ink. Each feather is unique and sold in a pack of 10. We made in white and black color combination for removing negativity (black) and purifying objects, places, and people (white)

Cedar Sage 5 inch – $8.00 each

A wonderful fragrance to burn. Cedar wands are used in rituals, ceremonies, magic, or simply for aroma. Sacred to Native tribes known as the Mother and giver of life. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing, and prosperity.

Dragons Blood Sage- 4 inch sticks 3pk -$15.00

Dragon’s Blood resin mixed with mountain sage to create a powerful tool for cleansing and purification.


Cedar, White and Blue Sage 3pk – 4 inches – $15.00

White Sage mixed with Lavender Sage – $12.00 each

Full of aroma, these wild lavenders smudge wands are great to use during ceremonies, ritual aid or simply use as incense or potpourri. Another name for these smudge sticks is purple sage. They are also mixed with white sage for healing and spiritual purification.




Bulk white sage for Burning in shells or burner $7.00

Bulk white sage with Abalone shell $7.50


with abalone shell


Sweet Grass – $9.00

Many Native tribes in North America use sweetgrass in prayer, smudging or purifying




Ritual Smudge Pot

Colors very slightly includes bulk sage- $16.00


Abalone Shell

For burning sage about 5 to 6 inches. Included is a bag of bulk white sage- $16.00