Astral Critters.

Often as a paranormal investigator, I get questions if something can follow me home. The answer to that question is yes. There are situations where something can follow somebody home from a haunted residence. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but all paranormal investigators must keep in mind that it’s a little bit of the astral world can come home with them and stay for a bit. So what follows us home is said to be an Astral Critter. They are also known as Elves, Fairies, or Goblins, but chances are they are of the non-human entity. There are human entities that can also attach themselves to us as well. The Astral Critters can be very annoying and it’s a good idea to get rid of them unless you want a unique pet. The next question people ask me is how do they follow you home. Well to answer that question when you enter a haunted residence, there is often a portal somewhere on the property. This portal is how astral beings enter and exit the spirit plane into the physical plane. Usually, there are ghosts which are generally confined to the area and can’t leave. Astral Critters most of the time have personalities but are usually bent on mischief or fascination with our world. They can sometimes find fascination with a team member or even their equipment they use and then bang like a little kid with a new toy, the critter attaches itself to the paranormal investigator. The investigator goes home and that’s when the really strange stuff happens.

 First, the TV starts to act up or the cordless phone dies with no explanation. Appliances in the kitchen start up or turn off. Things might fall off shelves, strange knocks and the family pet is terrorized by something it sees but no one else can see. The pet barks at the air and whines. Then the homeowner starts to see stuff out the corner of his eye and it’s about 3 feet tall maybe brown, black or green. Soon as you glance at it, it takes off in another direction. Rarely will it directly interact or attempt to harm a person but can be really annoying after a while and wears out it’s welcome. Many of us have had this happen after an investigation and now I will talk about ways to get rid of it.

 The good news most of these critters will leave on their own within a week or so. Sometimes they don’t leave and that’s when something must be done. Some of the things to do are

  • placing some pepper and vinegar in a dish can deter them
  • ring a loud bell throughout the home, it usually makes them leave
  • keep a piece of iron on you history says they don’t like it and will leave
  • tell them very clearly they are not welcome there and they need to leave
  • use sage to cleanse your living area
  • say a prayer to get rid of it Saint Michael can remove it
  • last but not least put chimes on your doors, do it and it won’t return

 Astral Critters can be annoying and a little scary but are relatively harmless. Let it know who is boss and that it should hit the road. In this day and age, we still need to keep our guard up against mischievous and negative entities. As many paranormal investigators know, sooner or later you will come home from an investigation and you will know without a doubt that something is not right and chances are it’s an Astral Critter.


Ghosts In General

 One of the first questions people ask themselves when they are confronted with paranormal activity “is it good or evil”. Often to frequently the answer you give is, of course, its evil because it just slammed a door. This is usually unfounded and biased decision based on dozens of scary movies and ghost stories and the lack of knowledge in society. Just because it’s a ghost does not mean it is evil.

 First off, typically you will be confronted by what we call a human spirit and this is the spirit of someone who was once alive as you and I are alive. They were born on earth, they have a job, most likely a family, a dog and most importantly they died. For various reasons, they are still hanging around. Now, because they were once alive they each have different personalities like you and I do. So these spirits can be good or bad but not necessarily evil. Fortunately, the majority of us tend to be rather decent folks, but not all of us. The same goes for spirits. One spirit could have been a loving grandmother who is looking for her husband, or one could be a teenaged punk who may be getting a kick out of scaring you.

 Then there is the type of spirits and the not so common ones called non-human spirits. This is the spirit that never lived on earth and is always bad news and is generally dangerous. The disturbing thing is that this type of spirit is brought to our realm through people who are meddling where they shouldn’t (Ouija boards, seances, curses, and devil worship) Now that we know that there are two general types and we know their mentalities, we can better identify them. Here is a quick breakdown.

Typical Human Spirit Activity


The appearance of seemingly random objects (flashlights, rocks, money)

An illuminated figure or part of a figure

Typical Non-Human Spirit Activity

Targeted paranormal activity (you hate clowns so the spirit moves the clown from room to room)


Interesting Facts.

 Everyone thinks graveyards are the best place to catch ghosts and sometimes they can be. However how many people do you know that died in the graveyard, usually they have been dead for Cpl days and died at their home or somewhere else but not in a graveyard. Also, the most important thing when going to graveyards most are only open from dawn till dusk and getting caught in the graveyard after dark is a really big fine and to a ghost-hunting team a nail in the coffin for bad news. So make sure you have permission to be there.

 While I think its great to buy antiques and go to estate sales just remember that someone might have passed away and all their stuff is for sale now. Some of the hauntings we come across the clients have purchased many items from antique stores and whatnot. With this being said and in not all circumstances but some of them, ghosts and spirits attach themselves to the item they once loved and guess what, now it is in your home and so is the ghost.

 Another question people have is ”Why do we do our investigations at night”  It’s not because we just want to be scared and the darkness brings that element to it. The reason is if we want to see a ghost possibly appear it would be impossible during the day and an easy way to show someone would be to turn a flashlight on in the daylight, you will not see very much if anything at all. A spirit is looking for energy and during the day the sun takes up all the spirits energy and at night the ghost can use the surroundings of your electrical in your home to try to manifest and while they might try during the day as well you would never see them cause its light out.


Intelligent Haunting: This type of haunting is what most call a traditional haunting. This type of haunting is where the spiritual entity is aware and knowing of the living world. They are known to respond to questions and to interact with residents and/or investigators. In my personal opinion when it comes to this type of haunting, in most cases the spiritual entity may just want to be acknowledged and respected. They are not known for being mean or malevolent, but then again there is always the chance to be proven wrong.

Residual Haunting: Also known as “restligeists”, are like a replay of a certain point in time. Often linked to a traumatic or life-altering event, they can present themselves in auditory or visual phenomena. These do not always necessarily have a spiritual entity aware of the living. In fact, they may not even have one at all. That’s also known as an imprint. These do not normally respond nor do they react with the living either.

Ghost/Spirit/Spiritual Entity: Whatever they call them, what they are is a manifestation of a person who has passed away and has not crossed over to the other side. Notice that I said, person. I point this out because threw all my research I have found that it is extremely rare and uncommon to find or experience that of a spirit of an animal.

Cryptic’s: These are animals or creatures whose existence is not confirmed by science. Some of the most commonly known Cryptids are Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Werewolves, and the Yeti.