The Investigations

Mabel Tainter – Menomonee Wisconsin – Nov 2018



The Mabel Tainter Theater is one of the top historic places in Menomonie constructed in 1889 by Harvey Ellis. It is a memorial built for Mabel Tainter by her parents Andrew and Bertha Tainter. With its beautiful architectural design and secrets to why it was built; the theater attracts people from all over. There is a mystery to what happened in the building and suspicion has lead people to believe this building is haunted by Mabel. The Mabel Tainter Theater has had a strong influence over the town’s history and the people. A lot of effort was put into designing and building this spectacular theater. It’s an outstanding learning experience for everyone especially students. I encourage everyone to take a tour of the theater and explore the past history of this town.

We investigated on Black Friday of 2018 and investigators were John, Craig, Celena, Lyle, Lynzi, Christy, and Gayle.

When we got there we were given a 90 min tour and history of the place before we started our investigation. During the investigation, loud knocks and noises were heard in the stage area as well as what sounded like a disembodied voice. This was a great place to visit and investigate and hope to head back sometime soon.

The Dead Files – Deadly Intentions house in New Franken Wisconsin. Nov 2018

It was John Butschli and Lloyd Nossalong with Christy Dain-Nehring and one of her teammates. Jay A. Rittlerwas our video guy. Christy went out to the barn where the watchers are said to hang out around the field area. They came back in saying that they thought they had a growl on the audio. We listened and we heard something but they would have to enhance the audio further to see if it was a growl.

I headed up to the attic for an initial walkthrough and walked from one side to the other. I stood at the far end where shadows are seen and just stood in the dark. I had my flashlight on and hanging in my had when suddenly something smacked it almost out of my hand. I turned around but nothing was there. Christine and her teammate had come up and the rest of our team joined us as well. It was quite dusty up there from the blown insulation in all the corners and the far part of the room. We sat quietly while asking some questions. We thought we heard some loud bang downstairs somewhere. Nothing more was heard upstairs so we headed down. We noted it was very cold in the house yet some flies were still clinging to life on the walls. There was no electric or heat in the house.

We checked out the room where the daughter was injured by something but all was quiet. We pulled out the Ghost-Box and some names came through and we will go over them when we analyze the audio. It was pretty quiet on the first floor. I had set up some motion lights and a rem pod but they all remained untouched.

We were given a tour beforehand by Kelli and told of a weird room that was under the floor that they found while doing the flooring on the first floor. They could see down into parts of it but not all the way. The other side to the room was bricked off on the basement side so there was no access. We did a session in the basement and the temp was about 45 degrees which our meters confirmed. We were all down here and John Butschli had his thermal camera over by the stairs that led down to the basement and Lloyd Nosshad his Mel Meter near an opening to a small room that you had to duck to get into which had the bricked up part to the secret room. I saw on the chair next to the opening and asked if the secret room is where whatever hid before it attacked the daughter. Suddenly when I asked the question a huge breeze blew out of the room and it was a solid concrete room no windows or cracks. The breeze hit me in the face and continued on down to Jay A. Rittler and his meter was going off like crazy. The blast of air was so cold that the meters that read 45 were now at 35 a 10-degree difference. Was this the entity that messed with the daughter that I just called out for what it did. I moved from the spot so maybe someone else could feel it. The temp started to go back up now and I stood over closer to John who was by the stairs with the thermal yet. I asked if what had come out of the hole might now have gone upstairs so I said can you please come down and talk to us. I saw John jump back out of place and step back from the stairs as he said he saw a form on the thermal come down the stairs towards him so now it was back in the basement with us.

We all heard lots of footsteps coming from upstairs and loud bangs. We headed upstairs to find nothing but quiet. It was getting late and will have to go over all the audio and stuff. We took lots of pictures and saw some old newspapers from 1905 and up. We found the old corset that was found in the walls and other things.

Farrar haunted school – Iowa – Nov 2018


Our team has investigated the haunted school since 2011 making multiple return trips here each year. We list it as the most haunted school in the midwest and a place that rarely disappoints. We have captured and heard footsteps running in and out of classrooms and heard a basketball game going on in the gym. We have seen apparitions run over an air mattress and back out of the room and down the hall. We hear disembodied voices and captured tons of evps on the voice recorder which can be heard if you look at our evp section. We will continue to investigate the school in the years to come and we also offer public even

First Ward School Wisconsin Rapids 2019
The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters have been doing investigations here for about 8 years and have some amazing times investigating here. We have talked to the ghosts of a few kids that still reside here named Betty and Oscar and the caretaker Mike and a teacher named Miss Holiday. We have heard disembodied voices, heard footsteps in the halls, We even heard a little girl say Hi while we’re getting ready to go to bed. The school’s basement consists of a room for presentations with a screen and a full kitchen. The next floor or ground floor has a classroom and bathrooms and the second floor has two more large classrooms and bathrooms, The Attic is huge and is very active. Our team uses this location for training and is a home away from home.